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love what they do.  Many are active soloists, performers in orchestras and chamber ensembles.  Their ongoing desire to be the best they can be is felt in their teaching.   

For beginners it could mean fostering a love for their chosen instrument.  It means readying more experienced students for IMEA solo and ensemble competitions, successful auditions into the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, and admittance into selective universities.  And, for adults, showing that improvement can be made at any age.

 Our Teachers 

Piano is a lifetime instrument.  From beginners to advanced, 5 year-olds to adult learners and retirees, there is always a good age to start piano lessons.   Our piano teachers have the training, experience and passion to help wherever you are on your musical journey.

We offer violin, viola, cello and bass lessons for beginners through advanced.  String lessons can begin early, like piano, before orchestra programs start in school.  Once orchestra has started, private lessons help lay the technical foundation to be a great ensemble member.

Woodwinds are a diverse group, ranging in size and sound from the piccolo and flute to the clarinet, oboe and the saxophone family.  Our teachers develop students who are excellent ensemble players while developing thier solo and chamber music abilities. 

Our voice teachers are classicaly trained, however, they love teaching multiple styles including musical theater, pop, rock and jazz.  For children, voice lessons have the most benefit for ages 10 and up.  However, if you have an eager student we are happy to hear them to see if now is a good time to start.  For adults, lessons can be benifical at any age.

What is coaching?  It is the collaboration of an accompanist/coach with a student to bring the most musicality out of their performance.  It gives the student the opportunity to play with live accompaniment while getting feedback about tuning, dynamics, phrasing and presence.  This is particularly effective for more advanced students who are auditioning or are preparing for solo performance.  

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